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FOUNDER | HNG CHE LEONG |PADI Course Director and EFR instructor Trainer #486112


Hng Che Leong, PADI Course Director and EFR Instructor Trainer, the Founder of DM SCUBA Dive Team, started scuba diving when he was 25 years old.  With more than 10 years diving experience and more than 3000 dive logs, Che Leong stays very actively diving, being a PADI Course Director and pursuing his diving education in Full Cave Diver.


Che Leong started scuba diving as a hobby and recreational activity. His love for the ocean; marine life; the beauty of diving has nurtured his interest into passion and becoming a scuba professional and making it as his career.  His passion and talent in sharing and coaching makes Che Leong a great scuba diving guru.  As a scuba diving instructor, Che Leong always upholds his principle and philosophy to lead by example, adamant in safety standards and good diving practice. He emphasizes and ensures his student to master scuba diving knowledge and skills to enjoy optimum diving experience.  His detailed and thorough teachings makes learning more fun and comprehensive, most importantly to nurture a confident and responsible diver !


“I believe by mastering diving knowledge and skills, an equipped diver will be more attentive underwater, act with calm and confidence in various diving scenarios while enjoying fullest the underwater world” 


Over the years, with hard work and determination, Che Leong achieved and holds many PADI Diving Certifications under his belt:


  1. PADI Course Director
  2. PADI Technical Diver
  3. Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor Trainer
  4. Emergency O2 Provider Instructor Trainer
  5. Sidemount Specialty Instructor Trainer
  6. Underwater Digital Photography Specialty Instructor Trainer
  7. AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor
  8. AWARE Fish Identification Instructor
  9. Drift Diver Specialty Instructor Trainer
  10. Enriched Air Diver Specialty Instructor Trainer
  11. Night Dive Specialty Instructor Trainer
  12. Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor
  13. Underwater Navigator Specialty Instructor Trainer
  14. Underwater Naturalist Instructor
  15. Deep Diver Specialty Instructor Trainer
  16. Search and Recovery Diver Specialty Instructor Trainer
  17. Wreck Diver Specialty Instructor Trainer
  18. Multilevel Diver Specialty Instructor
  19. Equipment Specialty Instructor Trainer
  20. Qualified Equipment Service Technician


Awards and Achievement

  1. PADI Elite Instructor Award 2013, 2014 & 2015
  2. Men’s Uno – Men of Substance 2011 (Click to View)
  3. Award Winning Underwater Photography 2013


Regardless with what he had achieved, always an avid learner, Che Leong aspire to continue and excel in his diving education to enhance his diving career.


Aside from being a PADI Professional, Che Leong has a pair of skilful hands, very creative and talented in arts & crafts. He also plays the guitar when he is out of water !  Che Leong also serves and contribute to the community by being in the St. John Ambulance Movement.


“Scuba Diving to me is a blend of job, passion and competence” says Hng Che Leong

DM Scuba Team Members


PADI Instructor #375006

“Whenever I watch underwater documentaries on Discovery Channel, I get mesmerised by the beauty hence I was attracted to take up a diving course. After I became a certified diver, I realised that underwater was not only incredibly beautiful and amazing but the serenity of being underwater also gave me peace. My curiosity built my interest to have diving continuous education and I gained more knowledge during my diving continuous education. I slowly discovered the importance of diving safely so I decided to become an instructor. I wanted to pass my knowledge to all divers.”

“What made me a diver? Initially, it was solely due to curiosity. I then learned to enjoy the feeling of antigravity and peace during diving. The beauty of underwater is indescribable by words until you experienced it. As an Instructor, I am passionate about sharing the love of underwater nature with my students and I am inspired to create confidence in divers. I also like to share my knowledge and educate to my students so that we are able to enjoy diving and have fun within the limit. PLAY HARD & DIVE SAFE!”

Claire (Kai Xin)
PADI Instructor #372757

Patrick Cheong
PADI Divemaster

“Every single time I gear up to dive, adrenaline run through my veins …. and then calm of the underwater world engulfs me when I begin the decent to the “Heaven on earth”. “Wow!” is about all I can think of when describing life beneath the waves. Now I truly know what Captain Nemo would have experienced when he took the Nautilus to the depths of our oceans and seas ….”

“Once a foreigner diver told me that “This world is covered by 75% of water, so why just stay at the 25% of land!”. It’s true and make sence. I took up diving out of curiosity and not to mention to have fun as well.Diving actually changed my whole life.The way i see the world by discovering the beauty of underwater.With fishes swimming around me and listening to my own breathing.An unforgetable experience.Thanks to the guidance of my instructor, i be able to venture into the sea.For everyone out there who love some adventure,do give Scuba Diving a try! Last but not lease `Save the World’ “

Eng Hui Woon
PADI Divemaster
EFR Instructor

Alex Yap
PADI Divemaster #382373

“I started scuba diving when I was 23 years old.  With more than 4 years diving experience and more than 300 dive logs. I started scuba diving as a hobby and recreational activity. My love for the ocean; marine life; the beauty of diving has nurtured my interest into passion and becoming a scuba professional and making it as my career.  My passion and talent in sharing and coaching makes me a great scuba diver.  As a scuba diver, I always uphold my principle and philosophy to lead by example, adamant in safety standards and good diving practice. And the most importantly to nurture a confident and responsible diver !”

“As my memories serve me right, my very first scuba diving experience was with Discovery Scuba Diving Certification.  The fun and excitement were unbelievable. I can’t wait anymore thereafter and I got my best friend Chui Keng as my dive buddy to start the course. later we managed to completed both the Open Water n Advanced Open Water courses.

I really  enjoy the peaceful silent serenity of the undersea world. In the deep blue sea where vision is bluish, I can feel n hear the wonders of the sea: fishes seeking for food, corals waving gracefully. I also have a closer contact with my  inner soul as I listen my bubbly breathing air in the quietly undersea. The excitement continues as I dive against the buoyancy of the undersea current. I’m so happy. the sensational feeling of weightlessness under the water cannot be describe with words that express my feelings.

Currently I’m perusing my dreams one step further as a diving instructor. as the course goes on,  the aspect of safety and responsibility are part of the process to built awareness to be a better diver. now I not just only learn and enjoy diving, but also  more towards taking care the safety to others undersea.

I love ocean, I love diving, I love to be a diver. What about you?

Get fun, safe and enjoyable scuba diving experience with us. See you soon.”

Cecilia So
PADI Divemaster #373301
EFR Instructor