Reef Check EcoDiver Course


Have you ever dreamed to become a marine biologist? Do you ever wish to contribute and save the coral reefs and oceans? As an experienced diver like you, do you wish to understand more about coral reefs? Do you wish to have contribution to the beautiful coral reefs? The Reef Check EcoDiver program can fulfill these desires.

The Reef Check EcoDiver program provides education of coral reefs. This course allows you to join the Reef Check monitoring team and assist a team of scientists to collect data from survey around the world.

This Course Includes

  • Reef Check Ecodiver Certificate Card
  • Reef Check EcoDiver field guide
  • Identification training for fish
  • Identification training for invertebrates
  • Identification training for substrates
  • Reef Check methodology


  • An experience diver who are good in buoyancy ( we will review your buoyancy before the course)
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialist or booking Peak Performance Buoyancy Course

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