Atomic Aquatics BladeFins

Atomic Aquatics BladeFins gives you choices to meet your dive needs and personal swimming style. BladeFins are designed to deliver Power and thrust that only a paddle fin design can provide divers to cruise through the water. The unique structural engineering combines both Power-Loop Monocoque and Frame Rail designs to maximize kicking power. Vertical stabilizers on fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down with every kick.

Atomic Aquatics SplitFins®

All it took was watching the tail fins of fish – except that we couldn’t keep up with them because our traditional fins took too much effort. Using hard kicking paddle fins can result in leg strain, fatigue and cramping. Because of the kick resistance of a paddle fin, divers often “felt” like they were moving fast. But underwater speedometers proved that these divers were actually moving relatively slow. SplitFins® deliver more propulsion with less drag and kick with less effort. Reducing the stress and strain of the kick results in greater sustained speed, power and comfort. Independent testing has also confirmed that the SplitFin® design significantly reduces air consumption.


Splitfins® come in a variety of shapes, sizes and stiffness. These contribute greatly to overall comfort and performance. A fin with short, soft blades will kick easier than a longer, stiffer one, but will require many more kicks to travel the same distance. A blade that is too stiff will require too much effort to kick comfortably. The Atomic SplitFins® were specifically designed to optimize all these variables. They are easy kicking fins that deliver high thrust, speed, and efficiency with a comfortable, low frequency kick cycle.